Atlanta Ballet Presents Moulin Rouge®—The Ballet

Christian Clark and Nadia Mara in “Moulin Rouge®—The Ballet,"
 presented by Atlanta Ballet
High-kicking Cancan choreography and a story of love, adventure and indulgence revolving around the world-famous Moulin Rouge cabaret came to life in Atlanta Ballet's reprise of “Moulin Rouge®—The Ballet," on Friday, February 5th.   The production - which Atlanta Ballet presented the U.S. premiere of in 2010 - is the original creation of renowned Canadian choreographer Jorden Morris, who sets his full-length ballet in the late 1880s when the Moulin Rouge first opened its doors. To create an engaging and authentic experience, this fan-favorite features a score of more than 29 pieces of music from period French composers.

Originally built in 1889 by Joseph Oller, the Moulin Rouge is best known as the birthplace of the Quadrille and the provocative Cancan dance. During its heyday, the cabaret was an extravagant place featuring huge dance floors, wall-to-wall mirrors and elegant galleries. This excess was accompanied by a wild atmosphere on stage featuring gaudy Cancan girls in long skirts and heavily frilled undergarments who performed high kicks, splits, cartwheels and other acrobatic tricks.

The story involves a young painter, Mathew (Christian Clark), who comes to Paris and meets Toulouse-Lautrec (John Welker) who becomes his sponsor and protector. Young Mathew falls in love with laundress/dancer Natalie, played by  the lovely Nadia Mara. The owner of the Moulin Rouge, Zidler (Jonah Hopper), hires Natalie on the spot, then proceeds to fall in love with her as does Mathew;  the results are tragic.

This critically-acclaimed production transformed the stage into a grand spectacle of elegance and seduction, magnifying the euphoria of Paris. Atlanta Ballet's corps of dancers pushed the envelope, yet again,  as it wove the grace of classical ballet with the athleticism and artistry of the French Cancan and the verve of the tango.  The exceptional dancing was delivered like a moving picture across the stage.

Atlanta Ballet's “Moulin Rouge®—The Ballet," runs thru February 13th.  This stellar production is a must-see!  For tickets, visit
Highlights below:

Brooke Lyness and Nadia Mara.

John Welker and Christian Clark.

Tara Lee

Tara Lee and Christian Clark

Christian Clark.

Christian Clark, Tara Lee and John Welker.

Tara Lee and Christian Clark.

John Welker and Tara Lee.

Alessa Rogers, Brandon Nguyen, Yoomi Kim and Benjamin Stone.

The Cancan Ladies.

Elizabeth Grist, Keith Reeves, Brooke Lyness and Devon Lux-Archer
enjoy cocktails while Alessa Rogers dances the cancan.

Rachel Van Buskirk

Jonah Hooper and Nadia Mara.

Nadia Mara and the Top Hat Men.

Nadia Mara and Christian Clark.

Nadia Mara and Christian Clark.

Yoomi Kim as the Green Fairy.

Nadia Mara and Christian Clark.

Jonah Hooper (Zidler) and Christian Clark (Matthew) brawl.

John Welker (Toulouse-Lautrec) and Christian Clark (Matthew)
indulge a bit of absinthe.

Christian Clark dances with the Green Fairy.

John Welker and Christian Clark.

John Welker and Christian Clark.

Jonah Hooper (Zidler) seeks revenge.

The bullet meant for Matthew (Christian Clark)
hits Nathalie (Nadia Mara) instead.

A devastated Matthey (Christian Clark) says goodbye
 to his beloved Nathalie (Nadia Mara).


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