Emotional Cheating

Emotional cheating can be just as devastating if not more so than sexual cheating. Sexual cheating is exciting but doesn't necessarily involve emotional bonds. Emotional cheating is more destructive and leaves one with deeper feelings of betrayal.

Although there may be no physical contact, when two people start sharing intimate details of their lives they begin to form a bond. They share secrets they are not sharing with their partner, believe they understand each other and have a deeper connection than with their current partner. They delude themselves into believing that they are just good friends, yet deep down they feel it means far more than a regular friendship would.

As two people are drawn closer together an underlying sexual attraction will develop, which can be just as exciting and flirtatious as a physical affair. Therefore, when someone has been emotionally cheated on, they find it much harder to deal with because the betrayal is so personal.


  1. I am guilty of emotional cheating that lead to physical cheating.I am not married and never been Iam 41yrs old. My first love/sexual experiance(16) contacted me through classmates. We got to talking at first. He told me that his marriage was over that his wife cheated on him while he was in over seas (military) .He got home said she was mean and would not let him touch her. This went on for 6mos when he told her he wanted a divorce. They went to councling for a 1yr she kept saying it was never sexual. So On the way home from a friends house she finally admitted that she slept with the man. We found that we had a lot in common and it started getting flirty then verbally sexual. He told me that when his daughter Graduates he is going to tell the wife he wants a divorce. So we made plans to be together .I drove to fayetteville, N.C. last weekend and we had hot monkey sex all day. On monday when i was to go back to Atlanta he did not answer the phone. I knew then that something else was going on. When I got home there was an email saying he never meant to hurt me that he was no better than his wife! He could not do this anymore. I don't buy the guilt either . I think that I was revenge sex but how could it be she dose not know about me or at least i don't think she dose? I am left with feeling used and stupid!



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